Algarve PSD wants new Ryanair training centre in the region

Ryanair appeals to all Portuguese citizens in Italy to ‘get in touch’

Ryanair has appealed to all Portuguese citizens in Italy, hoping to return to Portugal, to get in touch.

Despite the government’s decision to suspend all flights to Italy, the Irish low-cost carrier is continuing to run most of its routes to and from the Covid-19 blighted country until tomorrow (Friday March 13).

In other words, anyone hoping to fly back to Portugal, will be able to do so if they act fast.

Says the company, people should contact their client support service to find a route that suits them.

In the meantime, all passengers with reservations between March 13 and April 8 have been contacted with the message that they may need to reschedule.

‘No one is going to be charged extra for changing ticket reservations’, explains Público.