Rush of UK “Maddie” stories precedes British PM’s visit

Dear Editor,

Three “babies” under the age of four were left alone in an apartment with the doors unlocked. Yes I would call that “neglect and at risk”. If a Portuguese single mother was convicted of this “crime”, she would have had her children taken into care and would have been prosecuted.

With the back up of a British media frenzy publishing headlines with no evidence to back up their lies, they got away “scott-free”. I agree the punishment does not fit the crime and they have to live with the guilt of their negligence every day and that is their punishment.

Meanwhile, back here in Luz and as a resident it turns my stomach every time I read more “speculation”. Sorry if I seem harsh, but the reality is that the guilt does not lie in my beautiful village in Praia da Luz, but with the parents who have never respected the Portuguese Police or the local people, and are guilty in my eyes of neglecting their three young children.

Liz Ryan via Facebook