Running of the nudes v running of the bulls

Nine Algarvean animal activists joined other animal lovers in Pamplona, Spain, on July 5, to protest against bullfighting and the city’s famous bull-run. Together with members of ANIMAL (an animal protection group) and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the group marched naked through the Spanish city.

Running of the Nudes, a protest which takes place two days before the bull-run in Spain, has been held for the past five years in the same streets as the event, with protestors wearing little more than a red scarf around their necks and plastic horns on their heads. This year, Running of the Nudes saw around 1,500 protestors participating, according to the president of ANIMAL, Miguel Moutinho. The Resident’s Natasha Smith spoke to Miguel after the demonstration, who said: “It was the best year yet. The positive response from the public means progress.”

Vanda Botelho, a member of ANIMAL and the face for the Algarvean delegate in the protest, said: “I believe bullfights, despite being a tradition, are a cruel spectacle and, for this reason, should be abolished.”

The annual Running of the Bulls is a popular attraction, but, according to animal activists, “most spectators have no idea of the cruelty the bulls are subjected to before they are released into the streets”. However, over the last few years, bullfighting and bull-running has become less popular, meaning animal activists have accomplished more and more victories for animal protection.

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