Runner plans epic 738km “adventure” from Chaves to Faro

A 46-year-old man with a “passion for adventure” will be running 738kms from Chaves to Faro in August after completing the same gruelling route last year on a bicycle.

João Paulo Félix from Salvaterra de Magos, Santarém is a sociologist and a part-time endurance adventurer.

Physical exercise has always been a huge part of his life, he told Lusa news agency. And with his latest challenge, he hopes to put his hobby to good use by promoting Portugal and its “beautiful scenery” as well as a healthy lifestyle.

His goal is to run 52kms per day on the country’s longest road, the EN2.

Fatigue and the unrelenting summer heat will be the biggest obstacles but a strong mind can achieve virtually anything, he believes.

“These big races are completed with your soul; the body is barely there for the most part. The difference is in one’s persistence and resilience,” he said.

The adventurer also describes his upcoming challenge as “more than a journey”.

“It is about discovering a country. A country in an almost natural state, with the beauty of its landscapes and its people in towns and villages,” Félix said.

He will spend nights at fire stations throughout Portugal and will be joined in some parts of the route by other runners.

“They will give me some company. I didn’t want this to be only about me, it is special and I want to share it with other people as it also a big promotional (event) for our country,” he told Lusa.

The adventure begins on August 1 in Chaves. There are plans to set up a website so that anyone can track Félix on his journey.

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