Runaway horse killed in new horror on EN125

A new EN125 traffic horror played out on Saturday when a runaway horse galloped into traffic, crashing headlong into two cars.

Mercifully, there were no human casualties. The driver of one of the cars escaped with minor injuries, though his car was almost totally destroyed.

The incident happened early on Saturday morning in Patacão, Faro – a fact that police say worked to everyone’s favour.

Any later in the day, and the outcome could have been far more tragic.

As it was, the animal which was still hitched to a cart-load of straw, was killed outright.

The owner told RTP news that the horse had been put out to graze, but somehow got loose.

GNR police are still investigating, while 2016 is apparently turning out to be even worse for traffic accidents in the Algarve than 2015.

This assertion comes from road safety authority ANSR which reports that for the first five months this year there has been a 10.4% increase on figures for the same period last year. The only saving grace is that fewer people have died (nine as opposed to 13), and the number of serious injuries is also down (56 as opposed to 63).