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Run on tolls devices at Algarve post offices

With just two days to go until tolls come into effect on the A22, many post offices have run out of the devices that residents with Portuguese registered cars need to make pre-payments.

Many have been left looking for alternative places to buy an electronic transponder (dipositivo electronico) for their car as supplies in post offices across the Algarve have been depleted.

Readers of the Algarve Resident have emailed in to say that Lagos, Praia da Luz, Portimão and

Two types of transponders are available - this sort available from Via Verde and another available from the CTT offices. <I data-lazy-src=

Monchique CTT post offices have sold out – and that Monchique apparently had just two devices available to cover the council area’s entire population.

Meanwhile, in an effort to clarify the situation for residents and visitors alike, Via Verde, the company responsible for running the tolls system, is due to hold a press conference on Friday, December 9, in Faro – the day after the tolls come into effect.

The Algarve Resident will be there and all details elicited from the company will be posted on this website later that day.