Run for life 2004

news: Run for life 2004

Mamamaratona is a charitable organisation, which has so far raised a fantastic total of 195,000 euros and purchased a mobile mammography unit dedicated to the Algarve. This year the event is being organised in conjunction with the Associação Atletismo do Algarve and will be officially recognised as a marathon.

The event will combine a fun run with many other activities, including family entertainment, celebrity appearances, various stalls, a bar, a restaurant, live music and much more. The aim is to raise money to support a nuclear medicine unit in Faro Hospital, allowing cancer patients to be treated in the region, rather than having to travel to Lisbon.

Leading up to the event there will be many other opportunities to get involved with mamamaratona 4 – below we list some of them.

Understanding cancer

There is no type of cancer from which some people have not recovered. The current statistics of cancer show that more than 50 per cent of all serious cancers can be cured.

1. There are five main factors that make cancer different from any other known illness. First, cancer cells grow geometrically without limitation. That means two becomes four, then eight, 16, 32, 64, etc. Because of this geometric growth, it must be treated immediately and properly or it can soon grow to a point where it may be untreatable.

2. The second unique factor is the ability cancer cells have to spontaneously travel to distant sites. One million cancer cells are smaller than the head of a pin. One billion cancer cells are the size of a pea. This means that they have the ability to float freely through the blood stream or the lymph system.

3. Third, is that cancer is actually more than 100 separate diseases. There are no similarities between brain cancer and breast cancer other than the word cancer and the fact that they are both rapidly dividing cells.

4. Fourth is the unique fact that while many cancers can be treated successfully the first time, if they are not, often there is no second chance.

5. The fifth and last factor is the part mental attitude plays in the recovery from cancer. Many oncologists apparently agree that if a patient believes they will die from their cancer, they will.



Mamamaratona 4 and BIG Fish are currently looking for businesses happy to support the event by placing a collection box on the company premises. Please contact BIG Fish to register your support.



In previous years there has been in excess of 1,000 participants in the run and that is not including their families, friends and others just come along to enjoy the day. So, BIG Fish would like to remind everybody of the potential business opportunities which sponsoring this event will present.

A stand at Fissul on the day is available from 50 euros (2 x 2m) and there are many more sponsorship opportunities outlined in the Mamamaratona 4 Sponsorship Opportunities booklet. To find out more about mamaratona 4 email [email protected] or call 282 493 241.