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Ruined marriage

MADONNA’S MARRIAGE was destined to end after Guy Ritchie’s uncaring reaction to her 2005 horse riding accident.

Madonna claims she received a ‘complete lack of love and sympathy’ from her husband according to friends. A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “From the moment Madonna fell from that horse, their marriage was doomed. If you can pinpoint an exact event, Madonna’s horse-riding accident was it. Every other row the couple had following that boiled down to what happened that summer. Guy approached the whole thing in what she now calls, ‘A very British way’. Instead of smothering her with sympathy he said, ‘Come on darling, you’re a tough bird. You’ll be back on the horse in no time’.”

Madonna broke four ribs, her collar bone, scapula and her left knuckle after falling from her horse. After the accident, Madonna apparently confided to friends that ‘Guy can’t possibly be my soul mate.’ Her friends also claim she blames Guy’s attitude on his British public school education and has ruled out the idea of ever dating another English man. Guy’s actions were ‘typical of emotionally-stunted British men.’

The couple, who were married for almost eight years, are expected to divorce by Christmas.