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Rugby club calls for facilities to be replaced


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AN ALGARVE rugby club that has continued to thrive despite having no clubhouse, changing rooms or other facilities except a playing field following a damaging mini tornado in 2006 has appealed for help.

Jason Arnold, Vice President of Vilamoura Rugby Club which plays at the resort’s  Parque Desportivo, said this week: “It has now been two years this month since our facilities were destroyed and our club lost everything.”

The club’s computers and other items such as drinks fridges and furniture to a total value of around 80,000 euros were all destroyed by the tornado.

The facilities which were lost had originally been provided at the sports park by Lusort, the company responsible for the Vilamoura resort, but have never been replaced.

“We have asked several times for new facilities but Lusort have done nothing,” said Jason Arnold.

Vilamoura Rugby Club approached Loulé Câmara for help and currently receives 7,000 euros in funding each year and the occasional use of buses.

The portable cabins were irreparably damaged by a mini tornado
The portable cabins were irreparably damaged by a mini tornado

According to Jason Arnold, however, “this funding only pays for players’ medicals and insurances”.

“Other clubs in the county with no international players receive more funding, up to three times as much as we do, from the Câmara,” he said. “We have to pay for our players travelling expenses and team strips among other things.”


Despite the hardships, dedicated coaching and committed players have continued to support the rugby club, enabling it to continue with its current successes, including the selection of three adult players for the Portuguese national rugby team.

“We have around 120 players and a large youth section, as well as a girls’ team and seniors A and B teams,” he said. “Our players come from all nationalities and social classes, uniting the diverse population of the Algarve.

“When we lost our facilities, Brown’s Sports and Leisure Club was very kind to offer us the use of their changing rooms, but this is not always possible as they also host other professional clubs such as the England rugby team.”

At the time The Resident went to press on Wednesday, no one from Lusort or Loulé Câmara was available to comment on situation.

For more information about Vilamoura Rugby Club or to offer sponsorship or support, please contact Jason Arnold on 932 661 365 or visit the club’s website, available in Portuguese only at