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Rubbish everywhere

Dear Editor, I have just returned from a delightful cycle ride with my wife along some delightful highways and byways that dot the Algarve with some spectacular views of sea and mountains.

All this is however spoilt by the amount of litter scattered on the verges.

I love all things Portuguese especially the people but they must control the amount of litter that is despoiling their beautiful countryside.

It is mainly plastic drinks bottles and cans together with the advertising blurb that we all get unwanted and which go mainly unread pushed partially into our mail boxes especially in summer.

I thought we Brits were bad with discarding our rubbish but think from what I see everyday on the Algarve verges the Portuguese are worse.

It needs stopping and soon. Charging a refundable deposit for water bottles may be a start.

DAVID D. STROSS, by email