RTA response to letter ‘No support from tourism board’

Dear Editor,
In response to the email sent by Mr. Karl Bradshaw-White (published in the April 17 edition), I would personally like to clarify the following: on the exact day that Mr. Bradshaw-White complained about, Mr. Carlos Luís was out of the country fulfilling his duties as President of ATA and I was at home on a three-day leave taking care of my son who was extremely ill.

Due to these reasons, I spoke twice over the phone to Mr. Karl Bradshaw-White, explaining why the President Mr. Carlos Luís and I did not attend the launch of the book “Algarve Travel Guide 54 Cities/Towns/Villages”.

Although I do not represent the RTA, I also clarified over the phone that, on that precise date, Mr. Desidério Silva was being heard at Portimão Court, and that his secretary was hospitalised at Faro Hospital.

After our two phone calls, Mr. Karl Bradshaw-White said that he obviously understood that there was a series of unfortunate events that prevented us all (mentioned in his allegations), from attending his book launch, which was why he also said that he was looking forward to a meeting with ATA and RTA to present his book to us.

I also wish to make clear that the Algarve region did not pay absolutely anything to the famous surfer, also mentioned in the email sent by Mr. Karl Bradshaw-White to the Algarve Resident. So this is no less than another false and very serious accusation that should be rectified immediately.

The movie about “Portugal as a Surf Destination” that involved this particular surfer was a project by the Turismo de Portugal HQ in Lisbon, who are surely also very upset to read this. ATA only accompanied Turismo de Portugal during the shootings in the Algarve. No more than that. Simple logistic support!

Dora Coelho,
ATA’s Executive Director