RTA promotes the

RTA promotes the "glamour and fun" of the Algarve's New Year

A promotional campaign advertising the Algarve as the perfect destination for a “glamorous and fun New Year” will be launched on Saturday, December 6 by the region’s tourism board (RTA) throughout Portugal and Spain.
Be it through radio ads, promotional posters at metro stations and even “original street promotions”, the RTA’s goal is clear – to show people that the Algarve is “more than just a summer holiday destination”.
With “Glamour and Fun” as its theme, the campaign is launching mostly in Lisbon and Porto as well as the Spanish regions of Extremadura, Andalusia and Galicia.
A number of Portuguese and Spanish radio stations, newspapers and websites will also feature the New Year advertisements, while several “street activities” are planned for Lisbon and Porto.