RTA launches apps dedicated to Algarve events and Umayyad Route

Two apps providing “easy access to everything you need to know” about the Algarve’s upcoming events and the Umayyad Route have been launched by the region’s tourism board (RTA).

Downloadable both for Android and iOS systems, the apps are entitled ‘Rota Omíada’ and ‘Algarve Eventos’.

The ‘Rota Omíada’ app provides a map with 14 locations in the Algarve where landmarks or traces of the region’s Muslim heritage can be visited.

‘Algarve Eventos’ offers a broader service, listing all of the Algarve’s biggest events with important details such as ticket prices and schedules.

Both apps use a GPS system, allowing users to find the nearest event or Umayyad Route locations.

“The digital world offers thousands of opportunities for tourism. Today’s tourists use the internet (as a tool) to plan and organise a trip,” RTA boss Desidério Silva said in a statement.

He added that the RTA is keeping up with “new tendencies and the new profiles of tourists who look for immediate and precise information for their holidays”.

The apps can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

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