RTA changes event support regulations

THE REGIONAL Tourism Board (RTA) has changed its policy on supporting events and organisations and will in future help only with publicity for those that contribute to the good image of the region.

This decision to change the Promotional and Marketing Plan and Regional Strategic Tourism Plan for 2008 has been taken because of financial limitations. The total budget for 2008 is 6.5 million euros, almost half of which will be for expenses and one million has been reserved for the Associação de Turismo do Algarve, the Algarve tourism association (ATA).

Only 2.5 million will be spent on promotion of the region and other activities.

António Pina, President of the RTA, said that the organisation aims to refocus its role in the internal promotion of the Algarve: “Promotion is our core business.”

Part of the new measures will include paying for eight concerts by the Algarve Orchestra, instead of subsidising it. These will be held at a cost of 70,000 euros and take place throughout the year. The RTA will have the right to three concerts in the Algarve, four within the rest of Portugal and one in a European city.

Families will be offered a more diverse range of activities next year, in an aim to make the region more attractive to national tourists, especially during the low season.

Also planned is the renewal of the RTA website as well as the launching of a newsletter and an investment advice guide.

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