Route N2 – can it really happen?

Dear Editor,

I really like the ‘outside the box’ thinking of the people promoting the ‘Route N2’ project, but will they really be able to bring it to life?

First, the logistics aren’t easy. Having 36 boroughs involved in the discussion of what to do and how to do it could be an issue – especially if municipalities have different plans for the route.

Second, the N2 road will certainly need considerable renovations. Who is going to pay for them? Unless the EU pitches in with most of the funds, it will certainly be tough to decide who should pay for them – the government, all 36 of the boroughs or only those most in need of roadworks?

Finally, tourism authorities will have to work together to spread the word about ‘Route N2’. The Algarve has its own examples of ambitious initiatives, such as the Via Algarviana walking trail, that have failed to flourish due not only to a lack of funding but also of an effective marketing campaign.

Having said all this, I truly hope those involved will find a way of moving forward with the project as Portugal will certainly benefit from a well-thought-out tourist attraction such as this route.

Charles P.