Rough seas claim life of Sines port worker

Rough seas claim life of Sines port worker

63-year-old man was in process of ‘removing machine to safety’

A man, aged 63, died today, and another suffered minor injuries after both were dragged into the sea by a wave hitting the eastern pier of Sines port.

Warnings to people to keep away from the sea/ jetties/ boardwalks and beaches went out yesterday, but they were not enough to dissuade work continuing on the east pier, if only to ‘clear it’ of potential risks.

According to a source interviewed by Lusa, the man who died was inside a machine being used to “remove another machine to a safe place, so as not to be swept away by the sea”.

Tragically, the man ended up in the sea, inside the machine.

A statement issued by the harbour authority said it “deeply regrets what happened and sends its condolences to the bereaved family”.

The pier worker who survived with light injuries has been described as aged 46. He “suffered injuries to his head, but was conscious” following the accident, said Luís Filipe Duarte, commander of Sines Maritime Police.

A little confusingly, a subsequent statement by the harbour authority described the survivor’s injuries as “serious”.

ACT,  the Authority for Working Conditions was promptly called to the site, “to investigate the circumstances of the accident”, which was called in at 8.44 this morning.

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