Rough seas and bad weather halt Praia do Meco searches

Families of the five students still missing from the tragedy at Praia do Meco last weekend heard today that maritime searches for their loved ones will have to be suspended due to bad weather.

The entire coast of Portugal is on alert today, with waves of up to 5.5 metres expected in some areas, reports Correio da Manhã newspaper.

Meantime, the funeral of Tiago Campos, the only student to have been recovered from the waters, was held in Lisbon yesterday, with hundreds of students from the capital’s Universidade Lusófona turning out in force to say their last goodbyes. Survivor João Gouveia, 23, managed to stagger out of the water and make it back to dry land, calling the emergency services from a nearby phone booth.

The university is holding three days of mourning following the tragedy.