Rottweiler attacks woman in restaurant

Weeks after parliament approved moves that could see dogs being allowed into restaurants, a woman has been bitten by a Rottweiler as she and her husband walked into one.

There has been little explanation of what caused the dog to attack the woman as she entered the Galapagos beach restaurant in Setúbal, but according to Jornal de Notícias the dog “showed aggressive tendencies”.

The animal, which belongs to one of the breeds considered dangerous, should have been at the very least wearing a muzzle when ‘out in public’.

It is described as belonging to the owner of the restaurant and has since been removed to the local pound for “observation”.

The injured woman, bitten on the arm, has been treated in hospital and has filed an official complaint.

Intriguingly, since MPs showed their approval for various proposals concerning animal-friendly restaurants (click here), commentary allowed below many news stories has shown that even animal lovers are dubious that it is in fact a good idea.

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