Rotten grapes make excellent white wine

A December grape harvest in the north of Portugal can produce an excellent quality wine. Taking advantage of supposedly ruined vines, with grapes already rotten and covered in mould, the Real Companhia Velha company has produced Grandjó Late Harvest.

The brand was established in 1912, and the special harvest takes place in Quinta do Casal da Granja, in Alijó, Trás-os-Montes, led by owner Sérgio Soares, who calls the rotten grapes “noble, because they don’t smell like vinegar”.

Technically a Douro wine, these vines are located in a plateau way above the Douro region, where fresh breezes blow, optimising white winemaking potential.

Harvested and fermented in rigorous conditions, the Sémillon variety of rotten grape mashes produces a fresh and aromatic white wine, with a complex aroma of citrus, raisins, peach, honey and vanilla, with levelled acidity.