Rotary Club piggy bank raises money for charity

Almancil International Rotary Club (AIRC) has raised 6,490 euros by passing a large china pig around at its weekly meetings for the last three years.

Rotarian Frits Lubbers, the man in charge of the piggy bank, has collected money from members and visitors of AIRC. The money donated will be passed on to several charities, with a large amount going to the End Polio Now fund.

The fund was set up by Rotary International in its mission to totally eradicate the disease.  While there are only a few areas left in the world where the disease is still a part of life, it is clearly still a problem.  Rotary International has been recognised over the years for its efforts to fight the deadly disease.

The Rotary Clubs of the Algarve are planning to come together to host an event open to all who wish to support this worthy cause. The event will be held at the Casino in Vilamoura on April 17. Watch this space for more information about the event.

For more information about the AIRC, please visit their website, available in English