Rota do Petisco success!

Dear Editor,

I wanted to use your Letters section to congratulate Teia D’Impulsos for their excellent Rota do Petisco initiative, which has to be one of the best ideas anyone has had in Portimão in a long time.

It’s rare to see so many different restaurants filling up at the end of September, and this would not be possible without the Rota. Not only is it a chance to try out new eateries at a reduced price, it guarantees a steady flow of business and new clients for restaurant owners.

There are at least three restaurants which I loved and probably would never have tried had it not been for this event.

And apart from August, you rarely see Portimão’s usually deserted centre as busy as it has been during the Rota.

It makes me happy to see local associations doing their best to develop creative new ideas and initiatives to develop their town, and we can only hope that more projects like this will continue to appear.

Simon Sylva