“Ronaldo” the documentary film finds mixed reaction in world’s press

The film that saw CR7 and his much photographed family on the red carpet in Leicester Square, London, last night is now being shown in movie theatres throughout the developed world as international journalists have a field day. Calling the documentary a “remarkable vanity project”, UK Guardian writer Daniel Taylor says it is “difficult not to come away with the feeling that Ronaldo must shout his own name during sex”.

Entitled simply “Ronaldo”, the film “captures giant ego” and the “strange lonely world of being CR7”, Taylor explains – while sports website goal.com calls the movie a “sanitised look at the self obsessed star” that rapidly becomes a “minute by minute commentary on Ronaldo’s wealth, ego and supposed superiority over others”.

But sour grapes aside, the polished clip (easily accessible via the Daily Telegraph or the Guardian) shows that producers Paul Martin, James Gay-Rees and Asik Kapadi know exactly what the public-at-large wants.

Already responsible for other award-winning documentaries, goal.com says they have produced a film “so polished, so gleaming and so preened” that it suits the three-times Ballon d’Or winner perfectly. “It is a veneer as unsubtle as those which line the subject’s teeth”, the site concludes.

Other media are much kinder, saying the movie gives poignant insight into the football legend’s inner circle and delivers a few surprises as well.

One of these is the fact that long-term model girlfriend, Irina Shayk, is simply written out of the story altogether as director Anthony Wonke and his backers felt they already had “enough material”.

“Ronaldo” is currently on show in 25 national cinemas while the DVD and Blu-Ray are already out on sale in 75 countries.

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