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Romps in Rome

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Men looking for racy weekends rate Rome as the ripest destination for romantic romps.

New research, commissioned by British Airways, shows that one in four men would treat another lover to a break in the city famed for renaissance romance when having an affair. The results show that when it comes to impressing a loved one, married or otherwise, Italy is by far and away the best destination. The home of ‘amore’ has overtaken France for both men and women as the most romantic European country and the favoured location for a first date.

It would seem that girls have some catching up to do in the love stakes, with guys doing more to dispel the myth that romance is dead. The research shows that twice as many men as women have treated their loved ones to surprise romantic holidays. And single females who have just met a man have a special reason for anticipation – nearly one in 10 guys holiday abroad with their new love within the first month of a relationship. Umberto Paolucci, President of the Italian Tourist Board, said: “It is not surprising that Italy is a favourite destination for a romantic holiday. Italy is a wonderful set where you can live the best movie of your life.”