Romanian ambassador to Portugal recalled over stranded tourists

It has had barely a mention in the national press, but in Romania citizens are outraged over the plight of fellow nationals stranded since Sunday in unexplained TAP flight cancellations from Lisbon to Bucharest.

According to Romania’s Agerpress, the situation has been deemed serious enough for the country’s ambassador to be ‘recalled’.

The head of Romania’s government pronounced himself as “dissatisfied with the way in which the situation was handled”.

With ambassador Alina Dociu forced to give up her posting, diplomatic sources took over, and today (Tuesday) should see the unhappy Romanians all returning to their homeland.

Nevertheless, this is not a certainty.

Their flight (TAP 1324) is not scheduled to take place before midnight on Wednesday.

Agerpress has reported that Romania’s association of travel agents (ANAT) considers TAP’s cancellations (of the flight on Sunday and Monday) showed “a cruel disrespect” not only for them, but the frustrated tourists – all of whom were enroute from a stay in Madeira.

ANAT adds that it will be seeking financial compensation.

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