Roman epic comes to town

KIRK DOUGLAS was a courageous rebel and Laurence Olivier was a malevolent Roman general. The year was 1960 and the film was Spartacus, an epic motion picture that won four Academy Awards. Now the Companhia de Ballet Nacional da Moldavia has adapted the story of Spartacus from Stanley Kubrick’s film, and added music by Khachaturian. The ballet, called Espartaco, details the rise and fall of Spartacus. An ancient Thracian soldier, Spartacus was captured by the Romans and sold as a slave, eventually to be made a gladiator. He formed a rebel force that escaped and defeated several Roman legions before it was crushed by a large army in Rome. The show is open to the general public and it will be performed at 10pm this Saturday (August 14), at Auditório Pedro Ruivo, Conservatório Regional do Algarve Maria Campino. Tickets are available at Fundação Pedro Ruivo. Phone 282 873 115, fax 289 873 235 or email: [email protected]