Rolling Stones play in Porto next summer

news: Rolling Stones play in Porto next summer

DATES AND venues have just been announced for the European leg of the Rolling Stones’ Bigger Bang Tour, with the group’s concert in Portugal confirmed as taking place at the Dragão Stadium in Porto on August 12, 2006.

According to Ritmos & Blues promoter, Nuno Braamcamp, 50,000 tickets for the show will go on sale by the end of this month. ‘Rubber lips’ and the boys don’t come cheaply though – tickets will cost between 56 and 125 euros each.The choice of venue for their fourth visit to Portugal finally brings the band to the north of the country, as the Rolling Stones’ previous concerts took place in Lisbon and Coimbra.

The group’s European tour has been announced as kicking off in Barcelona on May 29 and will include a total of 32 shows, concluding in Cardiff in August.

Preparations at the stadium in Porto will begin a week before the concert, due to the time required for setting up the Stones’ giant stage and all the necessary equipment. As well as huge screens, lighting walls and various ramps, the stage will also incorporate 20 special boxes that will provide a privileged view for around 200 people. Ritmos & Blues is still to decide how to allocate these very special seats and one of the options being considered is to sell them for charity.