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Roll up your sleeves for epic clean-up

Residents are again being encouraged to participate in the third Clean-Up Portugal campaign, to be launched nationwide on March 24.

The Limpar Portugal campaign, which this year is joining global initiative Let’s Do it! World CleanUp 2012, hopes to see more volunteers coming together to rid the country of unwanted litter, disposed illegally at beaches, roadsides, countryside or forests.

In 2010, around 100,000 people helped collect 50,000 tonnes of rubbish during clean-up actions across Portugal and although organisers Mãos à Obra Portugal hoped to see double that number taking part in 2011, only around 9,000 volunteers got involved picking up 1,500 tonnes of litter last year.

Loulé Câmara announced this week that it would be joining the campaign in 2012. In 2010, 600 volunteers in the council took part in the environmental awareness campaign, collecting 150 tonnes of rubbish.

To get involved in the Limpar Portugal initiative in the Loulé area, please call 289 400 829 or email [email protected].

For more information about Limpar Portugal, please visit (only in Portuguese). To know more about World CleanUp 2012, please visit

The Algarve Resident will publish information from other Algarve councils joining the campaign as it becomes available.

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