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Rodrigues’s mandate uncertain say locals

MORE THAN a third of those polled in a survey thought that Carmona Rodrigues’ performance as Lisbon Câmara president was ‘adequate’, the majority believed that elections should be avoided and his mandate should continue.

According to the survey carried out by the Universidade Católica, 38 per cent of Lisbon residents thought his performance as president was ‘ok’, while 21 per cent thought it ‘bad’ and 17 per cent believed it ‘good.’

Forty-five per cent of those asked thought that Lisbon was in the same situation and state as it was two years ago, while 39 per cent thought it had got worse and 15 per cent believed things had got better.

The survey showed that 44 per cent of Lisbon residents thought the mayor should carry on leading the câmara whereas 41 per cent wanted fresh faces.

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