Rockin’ it!

Visitors to the Summer Night’s Fair at the São Brás Museum in July were treated to a show by The Algarve Rock Choir under the leadership of musical director Howard Scott Parkin.

The choir, which has its very own band, performed free of charge for the benefit of The Salvation Army of São Brás, who collected €660 in just 10 minutes from the audience.

The Captain of the Salvation Army, Luis Miguel Soares Viriato, said: “I was overwhelmed by people’s generosity and thank everybody for the contribution. It was a great concert and my thanks go to Howard and his wife Mary who organised the event.”

The Algarve Rock Choir consists of 35 singers and musicians, with a varied repertoire of songs by the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen and many others.

Despite the lack of a proper stage and the strong winds which affected the sound system, the choir proved that they could still put on a show that entertained and thrilled all age groups.

This was apparent by the enthusiastic response from the 500-plus audience.

For information/membership of the choir call Howard:

919 968 768 | 289 356 441