Robson’s family visits children’s home

news: Robson’s family visits children’s home

Former Newcastle and England boss Bobby Robson missed a scheduled visit to the Refúgio Aboim Ascensão in Faro last weekend. Robson had promised to make an appearance at the home to oversee the new facilities and equipment that he had helped to fund, valued at 65,000 euros. Robson has long since had a strong Portuguese connection, managing both Sporting and FC Porto in the past.

His wife, Elsie Robson, represented Robson, who was fired by Newcastle at the end of August following a poor run of results. Mrs Robson said his recent dismissal was not the reason for his absence. “He was taking part in a golf tournament here in the Algarve, a game that was forecast to finish in time for him to attend but, unfortunately, this did not prove possible,” she said.

Mrs Robson expressed her satisfaction with the work developed by the management of Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, headed by Dr. Luís Villas-Boas. Bobby Robson’s son, Paul, revealed that his father was “very disappointed” about what had happened in England but that his family hopes he will use the free time available to him constructively. “I don’t have the slightest idea what he is thinking of doing in the future,” he said.

Aside from the visiting the children in the home, the Robsons inspected the two cars acquired by the director of the institute following a donation earlier this year when Sir Bobby organised a charity golf tournament.