Robert Murat in debate on British tabloid press

Robert Murat, a former arguido in the Madeleine McCann case, is to participate in a debate on the tabloid press at the Cambridge Union tonight (Thursday).

The British expatriate from Praia da Luz is on a panel of five speakers who will be debating ‘This house believes tabloids do more harm than good’ at 7.30pm in the university city of Cambridge.

He is due to be joined on the panel by Lembit Opik MP, Michael White, assistant editor of The Guardian, Peter Bazalgate of television production company Endemol and Kelvin Mackenzie, former editor of The Sun.

Kelvin Mackenzie described the Madeleine case as “the most significant story of my lifetime” when he took part in another media debate at the London School of Economics in February last year.

The Cambridge Union was founded in 1815, it is said, at the conclusion of a drunken brawl between several smaller College debating societies.

The ‘union’ of the three societies provided the basis for the name ‘The Cambridge Union Society.’ The Union originally existed as a gentleman’s club, the sole preserve of the rich and connected and, using the Union as a model, a similar society was subsequently formed in Oxford.

Today all members of the University are welcomed amongst the diverse membership.