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Robbie Williams is back

Robbie Williams’ new album Reality Killed The Video Star is set to be released in November. The album takes the singer in a new musical direction and he promises fans they will hear the “old Robbie, new Robbie and a Robbie that neither of us has met”.

The whole album has been produced by Trevor Horn, who has worked with musical talents like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Seal and the Pet Shop Boys.

After keeping a low profile since rehab in 2007, the star has spoken about his addiction for the first time, saying “I might have been a couple of days or 24 hours from dying.”

Robbie’s last album Rudebox went to number 1 when it was released in October 2006 but it is his lowest selling album to date. He hopes for greater success with this new album.

The first single from the album, Bodies, was released last Sunday (October 11). The singer has blogged that he has also rewritten one song in tribute to Michael Jackson.