Robbers try to swallow the evidence

Two men who rendered a 67-year-old pensioner unconscious by forcing an ether-soaked cloth against his face, stole €100 from their victim which they tried to swallow when police caught up with them shortly afterwards.

The thugs, aged 23 and 28, who were unarmed, had rung the entrance bell of the victim’s home, in the Che Lagoense area of Lagoa, on Tuesday and launched their assault when he opened the front-door just before midday, reported Correio da Manhã newspaper.

The elderly man sustained facial injuries as he tried to resist the intruders who fled with the stolen money, but the victim recovered and was able to alert police, who arrested the pair within about 20 minutes of the offence a short distance from the scene of the crime.

The GNR officers were able to prevent the villains’ attempts to swallow the principal evidence of the alleged crime.

The two suspects were due to appear in court in Portimão on Wednesday.

The victim was treated for his injuries at the Lagoa health centre.