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Robbed blind

Despite an early lapse in concentration which allowed Aves to take the lead in Portimão, the hosts had their latest Liga Orangina encounter under control for the best part of 90 minutes.

The only reason Portimonense did not walk away from this match with all three points was Tiago Trigo. While referee Pedro Proença may well have been unsighted when Aves defender Nelson Pedroso blatantly handled the ball in his own area linesman Trigo enjoyed a clear view of the incident and yet remained motionless; as he did on no less than three occasions when the visitors were allowed to continue their attacks from off-side positions, irregular scoring opportunities only thwarted by the bravery of home keeper Ivo.

Fortunately the comedy of errors perpetrated on the pitch by at best inept officialdom was interrupted by Ben Traore in the 69th minute when the Portimão striker was able to put his side level and salvage a point from the at times farcical situation.

It can only be hoped that better decision making will characterise Portimonense’s last game of the year at Freamunde this Sunday.