Roadwork in Alvor

PORTIMÃO CÂMARA has announced that the road between Alvor Aerodrome and the Penina church will be resurfaced in April. According to sources, the road has been considered dangerous and the sewers have been clogged up for some time. Câmara President, Manuel da Luz, has announced that the five metre wide road will be widened to six metres, to prevent cars from driving over the sewers and drains.

The Câmara is investing a total of 350,000 euros in the project and has 90 days to complete it. “The completion date and cost are a lot more achievable than expected,” a spokesperson revealed. Meanwhile, more ambitious plans for the area have been put on hold because of financial constraints. The V10 project would have included four separate roads, pavements, trees and street lights, equating to an investment of around five million euros. “The project will have to be put off until further notice,” the spokesperson revealed.