Roads remain dangerous

According to statistics recently revealed by the DGV – Government Vehicle Agency – there were fewer road accidents registered in 2003, compared to 2002. Last year there were 134 serious injuries, 577 minor injuries and 125 fewer deaths caused by car accidents across the country. However, although the statistics show that there were fewer accidents, the numbers still remain alarming. According to the DGV report, 51,238 people suffered minor injuries, 4,636 reported serious injuries and 1,344 people died on Portugal’s roads last year. In a bid to make the Algarve’s roads safer, Faro PSP police officers recently mounted a campaign called ‘Operation Stop’ on one of the most dangerous roads in Portugal, the EN125. During the operation, 3,028 cars were pulled over and 20 drivers were fined for speeding. As well as catching reckless drivers, a police spokesman revealed that the operation had also led to the capture of a 26-year-old man, who was caught with various allegedly stolen mobile phones. When the suspect was asked about the electronic devices, he responded by hitting a PSP officer. In a similar operation on the other side of the Algarve, Portimão PSP officers pulled over a car belonging to two Romanian women, only to discover 400 euros worth of goods that had been reported stolen from a local supermarket earlier that day.