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Road works begin in Loulé and VRSA


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TWO ALGARVE Câmaras are due to start projected road works in the new year.

Loulé Câmara has approved the start of the first phase of the refurbishment along the EN125-4 between Valados and Gocinha, at a total cost of 3.5 million euros.

In this first phase of road works, the urban area in Goncinha and Alfarrobeira will be redeveloped with the construction of car parks and pedestrian parks. A total of 3.5km will be refurbished, including the re-surfacing of the road and the construction of four lanes up to the crossroads to Santa Barbara de Nexe.

According to Loulé Câmara, this work is expected to take 10 months to complete.

A spokesman told The Resident: “This project is being entirely financed by the Câmara and is not linked to the government’s plans to refurbish the entire EN125 by 2010, which were announced in March”

He added: “This structural project is one of the most anticipated works to the council’s road network, which will have a big socio-economic impact, as it will allow better access to the Parque das Cidades, and the new infrastructures that will be built there.”

These include the region’s new hospital, Hospital Central do Algarve, a new public health laboratory or conference centre. The refurbished road will also improve access between Loulé and Faro airport.

In a separate project, Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA) Câmara has also put to tender the construction of a new roundabout along the EN125 in Vila Nova de Cacela.

According to VRSA Câmara, this project is very important to the council, especially to the residents of the parish who had asked for it for many years because it is one of the most dangerous parts of the EN125, where road accidents regularly occur.

The project includes the construction of a roundabout in the intersection between the EN125 and the 509 municipal road, which links Vila Nova de Cacela with Manta Rota beach. A pedestrian path and cycle lane will also be constructed to improve the safety for all road users.

VRSA Câmara President, Luís Gomes said: “This was a battle that this council has won. Above all it is a great project that will not only allow our residents to be safer but is also the realisation of a long term ambition.”