Road victims on the rise

Traffic police figures, released this week, have revealed that the number of road deaths fell during this Christmas period, compared to 2007, but the number of serious injuries increased.

During the five days of the Christmas operation, between midnight on December 23 and midnight on December 28, there were a total of 1,153 road accidents, which resulted in 10 deaths.

There were also 45 serious injuries, which is 14 more than were registered during the same period in 2007, and 322 light injuries, 63 fewer than in the previous year.

During the operation, the GNR inspected 9,533 drivers, issued around 4,300 fines and detained 65 drivers.

Of these, 30 were found to be drink driving with more than 1.2g/l of alcohol in their blood, 27 were found driving without a licence and eight were detained for other reasons including disrespecting the police officers.

Over the New Year period, a total of 2,300 police were due to be out inspecting drivers across the Algarve from midnight on December 30 until midnight on Sunday (January 4).

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