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Road signs are eye sore, says tourism expert

An Algarve tourism expert says urgent action is needed to put an end to the negative visual impact caused by the road signage system while agreeing that signs should be more tourist-friendly.

Following the Algarve Resident’s exclusive report last week highlighting a debate about whether road and information signs in the region should be in Portuguese and English, Elidérico Viegas, President of the Association of Algarve Hotels and Resorts (AHETA), said he thought information signs, such as those for monuments or other tourist attractions, should be bilingual.

He thinks dual language signs would “certainly” contribute to improve the image of the Algarve, making it more welcoming for its visitors.

However, above all, he thought a major redevelopment programme for the signage system in the Algarve was needed to put an end to what he describes as “one of the most serious cases of visual pollution in the region”.

Elidérico Viegas said: “Public intervention is needed, not only at local level, through the municipal câmaras, but also at regional level, through the tourism board, the CCDRA (commission for regional development) and road concessionaries.”

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