Road safety is Algarve’s priority

AVOIDING THE deaths of 2,700 people on the Portuguese roads by 2015 is the goal of the National Road Safety Strategy (ENSR), as revealed in a presentation in Faro on May 27.

The final document for road safety plans is still being drafted but follows other documents and plans that have already led to a reduction in road accidents by 54.5 per cent in the past seven years.

It is expected by officials of the Estratégia Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária that Portugal will be in the top 10 countries in Europe with the lowest road accident figures by 2015. Various targets have been set, including a reduction in road accidents by 14 per cent by 2011 and a target of 62 deaths per million inhabitants by 2015.

Isilda Gomes, the civil governor of Faro, said: “Road accidents are a serious problem and all in the society need to be involved in finding an effective response.” The seriousness of the situation was reiterated by the civil governor who describes road accidents as the “number one problem that needs to be solved in the Algarve” and although many improvements have been made, more needs to be done.

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