Road repair vehicles launched in Portugal

National roads company Estradas de Portugal (EP) has launched a project costing more than one million euros which will see over 40 new minor repair and assistance vehicles travelling along the 13,000km of roads that it manages each week.

According to Eduardo Gomes, Vice-President of Estradas de Portugal, staff will be prepared to fill in small holes in the roads with rapid repair fillers, substitute road signs and offer help to drivers who have suffered an accident or breakdown on the roads, especially in cases of flat batteries.

EP staff will also be able to give road users information about local tow truck companies, insurers and service stations, as the vehicles are equipped with IT systems.

The vehicles, which will be distributed across the country, will always be on the move to detect and resolve problems, but can also be called into action by drivers who contact the company.

“The aim is that these mobile intervention and support vehicles travel along the entire road network once a week,” said Eduardo Gomes.