In February this year ACAP (the Portuguese Automobile Association) estimated there are around 1.5 MILLION cars on the nation's roads that are over 20 years old... this would see the government raking in enormous sums of cash if IUC contributions are increased exponentially next year

Road fund tax hikes “will be scrapped from 2024 State Budget”

Political commentator Luís Marques Mendes let slip a nugget of information last night that will cheer well over a million citizens: the PS Socialist plan to increase IUC road fund tax on vehicles pre-2007 by €25 every year from 2024 “will be scrapped” in the committee stages of the budget, before the document reaches its final reading on November 29. “The Socialist Party does not want IUC hanging over it as it fights an election”, he said – which encapsulates the ‘problem’ of absolute majorities: they can push through measures no one wants, because they hold the numbers. Now that PS Socialists are back fighting an election on ‘equal ground’, they appear ready to be more accommodating.