Road crashes mark week

By ELOÏSE WALTON [email protected]

Road accidents have increased across the Algarve with the onset of the summer season, resulting in one death on the motorway and several injured in separate crashes along the A22 and EN125 in one week.

A 33-year old Portuguese man died on Sunday, July 12 after suffering an accident in his BMW Z3, which collided against a Ford Transit, on the A22 at around 7am. The driver of the BMW, a resident in Lagoa who worked in Vilamoura, was driving in the wrong direction on the motorway near Ferreiras, Albufeira.

A spokesman for the GNR said: “The man suffered an immediate death and his body was transported to the legal medicine institute on Portimão.” The driver of the Ford Transit suffered a light injury to his arm.

On Thursday, July 9, three people were injured in an accident at around 9.30am on the A22 between Albufeira and Lagoa.

The following day, five people suffered light injures following an accident involving two cars on the EN125 in Vale Carangueijo, near Tavira at around 2pm. The victims were taken to Faro hospital by Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António bombeiros.

On the same day, a 30-year old man was run over by a tow truck when he stopped to help a driver who had crashed along the A22 between Faro and Olhão. The man suffered cranial traumatism and was assisted by the emergency services before being transported to Faro hospital. At the time of going to press, no one from Faro Hospital was available to comment on the condition of the victim.

Bus crash

On July 14, two cars were involved in a crash with a bus, carrying only the driver, along the EN125 near the International School of the Algarve in Porches, Lagoa.

A spokesman for the GNR told the Algarve Resident: “Three people were injured in the crash which took place at around 5.40pm. The victims were transported to Portimão’s Barlavento hospital.”

A spokesman from Barlavento hospital said: “A 50-year-old man was kept under observation before being allowed to go home at 10.50pm that same day; an 18-year old woman was kept under observation in our orthopaedic department and a 19-year old man was admitted to our surgery department.” The spokesman added that the young victims were in a stable condition.

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