Road car tax 2004

Paying your car road tax in Portugal is different to the system in place in the UK. Here, road tax can only be paid during a specific period, regardless of when you bought your car – and that time of year is almost upon us. The exact dates are not known yet, but are expected to be during the month of May, as per last year.

Because all car-owners have to pay their road tax during the same period, queues at the various tax offices across the region can be very long. So it’s good to know that you can now pay this tax in several newsagents (papelaria). If the one near you does not do it, it is very likely that they know the nearest one that does.

The prices of this tax for 2004 are already known and are as shown on the box below.

Fuel type Year of matriculation

Petrol Other After19951990-19951977-1989


cm3 cm3

A<1000 <150015.22€ 08.47€ 05.09€

B=1000 =150 30.39€ 15.22€ 07.94€

<1300 <2000

C=1300 =200047.21€ 23.68€ 10.72€

<1750 <3000

D=1750 >3000 119.17€ 57.39€ 22.51€


E=2600 – 189.41€ 91.10€ 43.35€


F>3500 – 335.49€155.12€ 64.63€