Road blocks in Famalicão as woman “shot by partner”

Police roadblocks were in place on the EN206 in Famalicão this morning after a 34-year-old woman was shot at close range, and her suspected aggressor – “believed to be her partner” – dodged police who initially thought he had barricaded himself into the couple’s home.

As we write this story, the woman is being treated in hospital.

Her injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

CMTV suggests she was shot in the arm as the debate has now moved on to how the aggressor managed to ‘get away’.

According to reports, the shooting took place in the garage of the couple’s apartment block early this morning.

The suspected aggressor did not then barricade himself into the couple’s apartment – as originally reported – but made off in a car and is now “in parts uncertain”.

The situation is being followed on live TV, with no description yet available on the getaway car that police are hunting.

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