Risk of dying from Covid-19 in Portugal “now five times less”

The meeting with experts at Infarmed this morning has confirmed the situation in Portugal is clearly improving, with no sign of the national incidence rate getting anywhere close to the ‘red line’ of 120 cases per 100,000. Thanks to the vaccine roll-out, albeit not without hitches and various delays, the chance of dying from Covid-19 in Portugal is now five times less. Henrique de Barros of Porto University’s Institute of Public Health explained that at its worst stage, the probabilty of dying in Portugal “had exceeded 4%. It is now down to around 0.5%”. The north is the area where the probability remains highest, Madeira the territory where it remains lowest. In global terms (nationwide) the lethality of Covid-19 (the percentage of people the virus kills after infection) is 2%.