Rising living costs

WATER AND waste service charges are set to increase if proposals by water company Águas do Algarve (AdA) and waste management firm Algar are approved.

The companies have suggested a rise in the price of services by as much as 10 per cent to be implemented in 2009.

AdA have drafted new tariffs that would see the cost of water rise by three per cent and the cost of sanitation rise by 10 per cent. The rise has been justified by AdA as a way of helping to pay for major investments in the current infrastructure.

Waste management company Algar have proposed a 20 per cent increase in the charges made to local Câmaras in the Algarve.

The proposals need approval from the water and waste regulator.

The increased demand on Câmara budgets has already begun to affect consumers in the Algarve, in Silves water rates have increased by seven per cent.

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