Rising fuel prices worry Algarve firefighters

Fuel prices may affect transportation of non-urgent patients

The Algarve Federation of Firefighters is concerned about the impact of rising fuel prices, which may lead to the “reduction or termination of its transportation service of non-urgent patients”.

The federation – which brings together the firefighter humanitarian associations and corporations of the Algarve – made the announcement after a meeting held last week and called on the government to “look at the fragile situation that many associations are facing”, some of which are considered “very serious”.

Support measures are needed if firefighters are to overcome the challenges they have been facing in the last two years and which have now been worsened by the military conflict in Ukraine, it says.

“Very serious situation”

“The repercussions that this situation can have on the day-to-day life of firefighters is very serious,” the federation adds, calling for the government’s intervention.

As it points out, an “urgent update” is needed of the co-funding provided by the national health service (SNS) to the transportation of non-urgent patients, which “has not been updated since 2012 and is fixed at 51 cents per kilometre”.

“The Algarve firefighters believe that they are being disregarded by the government, given the relevant role that they play in terms of civil protection responsibilities, as well as their social responsibility to the communities and populations they serve.”

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