Rik Mayall’s ‘little-known’ Algarve role

As the show-business world reacts with shock and sadness to news of the death of comedian/ actor Rik Mayall, the Resident can reveal that one of his last roles was filmed in the Algarve. Indeed, Mayall left the Algarve just over a week ago after completing filming on the Dutch comedy drama The Escape.
The film’s co-producer Daniëlle Raaphorst told us this afternoon that she knew none of the details of Mayall’s death, simply that the 56-year-old who made his name starring in The Young Ones had died at his home in the UK.
Further details are expected over the next few hours, but in the meantime, condolence messages are pouring in from all over the world.
Reporting on Mayall’s sudden death, Sky News ran an old interview in which the irreverent actor revealed how he had “died for five days” following a quad bike accident in 1998.
“Jesus only died for three…” he joked, adding that he had met both God and Jesus while he was dead.
Those that loved Blackadder, Bottom, The Young Ones and New Statesman, will join thousands in shock today – but few will know of Mayall’s most recent role.
Starring as Eddy, a British landlord, The Escape has yet to complete shooting, but should be ready for general release in April 2015.
For more details on this developing story, see The Resident printed edition, out on Thursday.
Photo: Rik Mayall played the part of Eddie in The Escape