“Right to be forgotten” – Parliament moves to protect cancer patients from ‘bad credit ratings’

Parliament has approved ‘in its generality’ the ‘right to be forgotten’ – an agreement that will stop people who have beaten illnesses like cancer being discriminated against if/ when they apply for credit or insurance.

The plan – proposed by PS Socialists – envisages an agreement between the State, banks, insurance companies and patient associations. It was approved however with the abstentions of PSD, CDS and Chega ‘who doubt an agreement can be reached’.

PAN came up with its own proposal – that no businesses should be able to access a citizen’s medical information – but this was rejected with votes against coming from PS, PSD, CDS and Chega.

As Lusa explains, the PS believes there are instances in which rights enshrined in the Portuguese Constitution are violated.

Thus the intention is to “correct situations of discrimination of people who have overcome serious illnesses”.

Presenting the proposal to parliament yesterday, Miguel Costa Matos – president of the Young Socialists – said it was “a question of decency” that anyone who has overcome cancer should not be discriminated against, particularly when it comes to life milestones like the purchase of a house.

Right now, there have been situations in which lenders refuse to lend money – or “request payments that cannot be supported”, he said.

The PS plan is either to succeed in forging the ‘agreement’ – or to go all out for a draft law.

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